In the outdoor swimming pools of the hotel or at the beach (only 25 meters away). The beach of Kolimbari is a shingle beach with crystal clear blue water, hosting every summer the Mediterranean turtle Caretta-Caretta .
Diving and Snorkeling
Experience free Try Scuba in our pool and then enjoy the majesty of underwater area, which is rich of biodiversity, underwater canyons, ancient shipwrecks, underwater cities, airplanes of the second world war and Venetian castles.
Water Sport activities
For those who are more adventurous and energetic, there are plenty sport activities such as jet-ski, surfing, paddle boats and canoe in nearby beaches.
Private Boat Cruises
Book your private daily trips, from our front desk, to Menies and Balos-Gramvousa and create your special travel experience (starting from Kolimbari port).
Daily trip
to Gramvousa and Balos
in Kolimbari Bay
Walking & Jogging
the area in front of the hotel provides the appropriate space for walking and jogging along the beach.
Hiking in western Crete
at the gorge of Samaria, the gorge of Aradena, the walk of Lissos, the gorge of Agia Irine, Sougia to Tripiti via Profiti Elias, Gingilos.
follow the various natural routes around on your own, or ask for an organized package.
Horse riding
by visiting the nearby horse farm in Deres village.
Visit Monastery “Moni Gonia”
One of the most important sights in Kolimbari, the orthodox monastery dedicated to Virgin Mary was built in the 13th century and is situated at the western end of Kolymvari bay.
Visit the Olive Tree Museum of Vouves
located next to the Monumental Olive Tree of Vouves, the oldest olive tree in the world (over 3000 years old), visited by approximately 20.000 people every year from all over the world (, just 10 minutes driving).
Cave of Saint John
the cave with the holly water flowing from the rock, the small church and the panoramic ocean view, at the village Marathokefala (10 minutes distance drive).Rotonda: A remarkable Early Byzantine church of the 6th century, dedicated to the Archangel Michael, can be seen near the village of Kato Episkopi (15 minutes drive).
Visiting magnificent beaches in western Crete
Chryssana Beach Hotel can be used as a starting point for visiting important sights and magnificent beaches such as Falasarna (38 minutes drive), Elafonisi (55 minutes drive), Balos, Palaiochora (60 minutes), Afrata (10 minutes), Nopigia (10 minutes) and many other places in central, western and southern part of the island.
Visit Festivities in Kolymvari during summer
Festivals go on forever throughout the summer in Kolimbari. Festivals of all kinds such as Tsikoudia festival, olive oil festival, wine festival, fish festival, honey festival. Experience the local tradition and the Cretan culture.